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Sheryl Greenfield

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I started playing guitar when I was ten. I kept asking my dad to buy me a guitar. He finally said alright. So on acoustic guitar I started. I'd come home everyday from school, then hurry to do my homework before dinner so I could practise. My brother taught me some chords then I away I went. Mom would get mad as I wouldn't stop.

Sheryl and her brothers

On weekends my family would have get togethers. My dad played the accordion, the neighbours played violin, guitar and other instruments. We had a old shed where we could play loud if we wanted to.

As I grew older mom put my name in for a TV show and I was picked to play on it. I really wanted to meet Buck Owens so I wrote a letter to him. I waited, hoping he would write back and he did, saying when I grew up I could be on his show. All I wanted was to play and create.

From there I got married, had a family, moved to Vancouver. I met fabulous players and worked with some of the best. I went in different talent shows, on TV shows, radio, publishing contracts and continued to write and play the bar scene which leads up to now.

What music do I play? I play Rock/Country/Jazz from 1950-1980. A wide variety of songs from Patti Page to Donna Summer. Bob Seger to Elvis. (Roll Out The Barrel/Sweet Sixteen/You Are My Sunshine) are a few examples. (Rumba/Cha-cha/Waltz/Jive etc.) References and list available on request. Any films or movies that need music can let me know. Check for cover songs on video page or song page.

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